3 D’s of time management


Time is everything. It makes the difference between what one person achieves versus another, all other things being equal. Time is the substance that makes wealth possible between when a person is born till old age. Without time, a new born with no inheritance has no chance of making money if he/she is frozen in time. How we use our time is therefore one of the most critical factors for success. Hence this resources needs utmost management to become successful. Take a look at the 3D’s of time management below arranged in the correct order:


The first things you should consider when taking up a task is:
Is this worth my time? If task does not improve you in any way, the best thing to do is to
delete such. Don’t take up tasks out of pity and avoid the phrase “I will” as much as possible as this places too many obligations on you.

Only important stuff should be left for consideration for the next two stages.


Delegete only the things you cant do. If a task is worth your time, you will
first like to consider delegating it than doing it your self.
Consider this quote by Rockefeller,

I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts-
John D. Rockefeller

Delegation turns you into an over productive monster. Never mind who takes the credit since
you’re the leader of the team. It’s natural the credit somehow goes to you without
you saying a word.
The idea of delegation is that is frees up your time and brain space which is essential
in achieving even more. If we want to do all the technical stuff ourselves, we
soon find out we’re stuck in a rot and tired after sometime. Delegation is a
means of buying time. Some say you can make more money but not more time,but delegation
actually buys you time, You may have to pay for it, but it’s worh it.
There were times I though oh! this will take me only 15 minutes, I can do it at no cost.
Guess what?? I ended up spending half a productive day.


Do only things you cannot delete or delegate. This means are considering quality over quantity.

Keep in mind some things when “doing”

Done is better than perfect.
Keep it simple, if you cant explain it in 30 seconds you don’t understand it enough.
You mostly don’t need to explain reasons for your actions.

Focus on productivity not hours worked. Its what we achieve that counts not how long we have worked. Keep it simple and avoid complicating issues. Most times a simple and efficient process works better.

One thing at a time
Focus on what you can control.Lots of time is wasted in thinking about unnecessary things, like the past, what will happen if I do this or that. This achieves nothing and only leads to anxiety. Focusing
only on things you can control makes you achieve more faster. This also builds confidence
and momentum. If you can achieve 10 things under your control, sure one or two out
your control will seem less powerful because you have chosen to focus less on those.

Just do it. Quit overanalyzing. Get into the habit of doing instead of thinking. The more you think
the less you do. And nothing gets done by mere thinking. Action beats thought any day.
Everything remains the way it is until a force (action) is applied. This is what makes
a difference and saves time. Positive actions are more effective than positive thinking.

Embrace the action habit! “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”
– Peter Marshall

Be wary of too much information. News, internet…
What has all that news and checking other people out done for you in 5 years. Nothing.
We only get distracted. Carnegie was the richest man and he had no internet access.
Your brain only gets clogged up with various stuff you don’t need for progress.


3 D’s of time management

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