Dare to be different


When others get angry easily, chose to stay in control

When others seek to rip off people, seek to add value

When others complain, seek to be thankful

When others blame people for their misfortune, blame yourself

When others spend impulsively, seek to save at every opportunity

When others have a sense of entitlement, know that no one owes you anything

When others always seek to receive, seek to give

When others seek for approval, make your own decisions

When others focus on talking, focus on doing

When others are selfish, be selfless

When others argue, prove it

When others chase wealth, seek to attract it

When others seek to speak, seek to listen

When other assume, seek to understand

When others waste precious time, seek to maximise your time

When others are disrespectful, deliberately seek to be respectful

When others want to do it all, seek to delegate

When others stay in busy cities with no time for self, seek solitude in quiet and calm cities

When others think that people are foolish, know that people are more intelligent than they appear

When others are surprised at occurrences, be calm knowing that anything is possible

When others seek to convince with logic, know that people decide based on emotions

When other have a scarcity mentality, have an abundance mentality

When others wonder if others love them, first wonder if you love yourself.

When others sleep, rise early and take charge of your day

When others are surprised at their lack, doing these you will comfortably be in wealth


Dare to be different

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