99 great money quotes you should engrave in your mind

Quotes are often the words of wise or famous individuals who have achieved success in their fields. These quotes provide insights into the thoughts and experiences of these people, and can inspire us to learn from their examples. Many people learn along the path of life valuable lessons that can be compressed into a simple […]

33 surefire ways to be more productive

Wealth is a game of producing something of value which can be exchanged for money. This can be a physical or virtual product. Before money was invented, humans used trade by barter to exchange value and wealth. This means if you produced more tubers of yam for instance, you could exchange for more liters of […]

What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Taught Us About Finances

Dr. King believed that social inequality was largely derived from poverty. He was a proponent of financial literacy and achieving financial independence. In fact, in 1966 MLK was a signatory to the Freedom Budget, which declared a war on poverty published by the A. Philip Randolph Institute. While the proposal was never passed into law, […]

A brief history of money: What’s your take?

Let’s admit it. We can’t live without money. It’s just that important. But even though it may be old and crumpled paper vegging inside your wallet, it has a great history. Great as it may be, the history of money as it pertains to your understanding and perceptions is what’s important.   Money is old. […]

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