The real reasons you should be in business

The reason you are in business is to make money and profits. Yes, money and more money. This is a given, but going directly after money appears to be counterproductive. A person or business appears to be desperate when the business is all about profits. This ends up turning off customers. What you will like to do is developing a business empire such that if all the moneys you had vanished in one night, you will be able to build it up in no time. This brings us to the real reason we are in business, doing these will bring profits and wealth which cannot be taken away by even the best of thieves.

If you want to make profits, do these things and the money will flow in naturally;

Fulfil your clients’ dreams:

All customers have dreams and aspirations. What they really want! There is something they want that they will give a part of their fortune to obtain. Knowing this and fulfilling it is what clients value. If we fail to consider the ideal picture the client has in mind and cook up ours, we will be out of sync with the value being paid for. This shows up in the buyer feeling he/she is not being understood hence compels him to look elsewhere. Fulfilling our client’s dream is the ultimate which leaves as lasting positive impression and makes them come back for more while spreading your business with the word of mouth.

To remove our client’s frustration/problems:

Your customers have a problem you can solve. Help them and let them remember you or your brand helped them solve a problem. You have removed their frustration and they will pay for that. The word of mouth will also spread which brings more trust and costumers to your brand. And you know what this means. A solid customer base will increase your wealth.

Problems are the basis of making money. When you find a problem and solve it effectively money is bound to follow.

To distribute value:

Always seeking to add value a sure way to make profits. You get paid for bringing value to the market place. The value you distribute comes back to you in cash and kind. You are in business to distribute value to as many people as you can. This may be in terms of a product or service. What others get from you defines your business and you earn what you are. Apart from your core services, Some of the things customers value which seem abstract are

These are based on emotions. People buy for emotional reasons and look for a logic to back it up.




Value for money

To obtain total craftsmanship

Developing your brand into the that ‘perfect’ brand that knows all about the industry is a leading position to achieve. Total commitment to the process of creation such that there is a wow factor to your brand. During this process. If people see you as the total craftsman, chances are they will trust you enough to do business with you.

Obtaining total craftmanship also has the potential of increasing profits because you become highly efficient by focusing on what works only while striking out actions that waste time and energy. You are a master and can see miles ahead of any one else, this ultimately takes you to the top.

To build a fantastic team:

This is the foundation of good fortune. Henry ford said, take away all my possessions and leave me with the very best hands. I will rebuild the company hence his wealth. Carnegie said same.

There are four stages of team performance

  1. Forming- Where the team is put together
  2. Storming- Where the team is
  3. Norming-
  4. Performing- Where the team is

Your aim is to get your team into the performing stage

If you think a team is not for you, think twice. To scale your business and make sufficient money, you need to serve more people and you can’t do this alone. You need a team, see yourself as the middle man and coordinator who gets the buyers and directs the team to get the job done. Be less involved in technical details because you’ll always be behind if you do this.

Building a fantastic team serves as an insurance against failure.

To have a beautiful life:

You need some assurance and confidence to keep you going. What gives you this. A beautiful life. Having a beautiful life is magnetic to more success. It tells in your relationships and communication with your clients. Their sixth sense tells them you are worth the deal, even more. This is due to your calm, assuredness, advise driven, non-grasping nature. If you are in genuine business and not seeking to scam others, having a beautiful life reflects in your thoughts, speech and actions such that people are willing to give you their money. These things are perceived at the sub conscious level without you trying to hard to convince anyone.

In all these making money is best approached from the answer to the question. The answer is that people need to be served. The more you do these, the more money flows to your direction. The months I made the most money were the months I lost myself totally to the service of others. I never for once looked at my account credits but only kept on serving. At the end of the month, I was surprised I made multiple times what I made earlier thinking about money all the time.

The real reasons you should be in business

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